NEW Functional Fitness Charts
MPETA is pleased to once again promote a resource developed by Thompson Educational Publishing – the new Functional Fitness Charts

Eight new Fitness Chart Kits, carefully crafted for grades K to 12, allow students to become physically fit and physically literate. By targeting the five fundamental movements (squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, and carrying), students will develop the necessary functional strength to lead healthy lives, whether they choose to compete in sport or simply be active for life.

Each kit contains 40 heavy-duty, 5-mil laminated Fitness Charts, a spiral-bound Teacher’s Manual, and accompanying online support. It all comes neatly packaged in a re-useable portfolio that makes packing up and storing easy!

In partnership with leading physical education and health experts, Thompson Educational has created Canada’s clearest path to Physical Literacy.

Grades K-9                                                                          
1. Yoga I: Begin to Explore
2. Active Start: Fundamental Movements
3. Perfect Practice: Learn to Play
4. Game On: Ready to Play

Grades 9-12  
5. Yoga II: Mind, Body, Soul
6. Body Weight: Everyday Equipment
7. Tubing, Dumbbells, Kettlebell
8. Medicine Ball, Stability Ball, Reaction Ball

MPETA Member price: $255.00 (plus shipping) – a saving of 9% or $25.00!

To order, fill out the Functional Fitness Charts order form and send it back to MPETA.

Geocaching Loaner Program
MPETA and Healthy Schools in motion have partnered together to offer the new Healthy Schools in motion Geocaching Loaner Program. This program will allow in motion schools to geocache and provide students with an innovative experience while being physically active. The Healthy Schools in motionGeocaching Loaner Program will provide teachers with a Geocaching Loaner Kit comprised of:

How do I sign my school up?  Fill out the School Rental Agreement and send it to MPETA. Geocaching Loaner Kits are available for loan to in motion schools for a three week period. Please note that schools are responsible for providing batteries for the GPS units. School Rental Agreement Form

Fitness Circuit Charts
MPETA is pleased to promote a resource developed by Thompson Educational Publishing – Fitness Circuit Charts. There are 2 different series of fitness circuit charts: 1. Elementary Series (for early & middle years – English or French) 2. Secondary Series (for senior years – English or French) What you will receive: 40 charts – each chart is 13 x 19.25 inches (large tabloid size), in full-colour and each chart is laminated on card stock for durability

  1. 2 bonus charts – the muscular system and the skeletal system
  2. The User Manual contains:
    1. A checklist of supplementary cardio-respiratory and agility exercises
    2. Safety tips, guidelines and exercise techniques
    3. List of equipment needed and usage tips
    4. Circuit training design templates and sample circuits

MPETA Member price: $195.00 CDN (plus shipping) – a saving of 9% or $30! (must be a full MPETA member). Teachers in a Senior Years school may receive a rebate of $50. FitnessOrderForm

Movement Skills Committee charts
The Manitoba Movement Skills Committee is an ongoing effort supported by 10 Manitoba school divisions, the University of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba Education and Training, and the Manitoba Physical Education Teachers Association. The purpose of the committee is to share research findings, develop programming solutions for practical application, to exchange research and practical experience related to observation, assessment, and programming strategies for children in performance of basic skills, and to locate and develop resource materials related to basic motor skill development at the K to 4 level. The committee has produced two curriculum support series documents for Manitoba Education and Training as well as organize workshops. The latest resource developed has been a Movement Skills Poster that promotes the importance of teaching the basic movement skills. Order Form

Lunch Boards
These boards/posters/banners are designed to help parents, caregivers, older students and adults understand healthy food choices and use information on food packages to help make decisions. Each board includes shopping tips for busy on-the go people. The following are available for purchase: Drinks, Fruits and Veggies, Milk, Grains & Lunch MPETA members are eligible for a $50 rebate when these boards/posters/banners are purchased for their school. Receipts must be submitted. Order Form

Curriculum Documents and Resources
For Physical Education/Health Education Curriculum documents and resources, please see the Manitoba Education website.

Grade 11 Resources

Module A
Personal Physical Activity Inventory ModuleALesson1 Managing Risks Related to Physical Activity ModuleALesson2 Implementing the Safety and Physical Activity Plan ModuleALesson3
Module B
Physical Activity for Optimal Health and Fitness ModuleBLesson1 Changing Physical Activity Behaviour ModuleBLesson2 Understanding Your Personal Motivation for Physical Activity ModuleBLesson3
Addressing Barriers to Physical Activity ModuleBLesson4 Making Physical Activity a Habit ModuleBLesson5 Planning for Physical Fitnes ModuleBLesson6
Module C
Mental Health, Health Habits, and Exercise ModuleCLesson1 Stress and Body Image ModuleCLesson2 Anxiety and Depression ModuleCLesson3
Module D
The Roles of Sport ModuleDLesson1 Sport as an Agent for Social Change ModuleDLesson2 Sporting Behaviour ModuleDLesson3
Module E
Legal and Illegal Substances moduleELesson1 Stages of Substance Use and Addiction moduleELesson2 Risks and Consequences of Substance Use moduleELesson3
Advocacy against Substance Use and Abuse moduleELesson4

Grade 12 Resources

Module A
Personal Physical Activity Inventory 12ModuleALesson1 Safety and Risk-Management Planning 12ModuleALesson2 Implementing the Physical Activity Plan 12ModuleALesson3
Module B
Making and Continuing Change: A Personal Investment 12ModuleBLesson1 Health and Fitness Trends 12ModuleBLesson2 Exercise and Fitness Myths and Misconceptions 12ModuleBLesson3
Health and Fitness Advertising 12ModuleBLesson4 Becoming an Informed Fitness Consumer 12ModuleBLesson5
Module C
Energy Intake 12ModuleCLesson1 Energy Expenditure 12ModuleCLesson2 Energy Balance 12ModuleCLesson3
Food Safety 12ModuleCLesson4 Advertising and Marketing Strategy Influences on Food Purchases 12ModuleCLesson5 Food and Nutrition Myths and Misconceptions Related to Physical Activity and Sport Performance 12ModuleCLesson6
Module D
Effective Teams 12ModuleDLesson1 Team-Building and Communication Skills 12ModuleDLesson2 Leadership Skills 12ModuleDLesson3
Module E
Understanding Healthy Relationships 12ModuleELesson1 Rights and Responsibilities in Healthy Relationships 12ModuleELesson2 Unhealthy and Abusive Relationships 12ModuleELesson3
Community Supports and Services 12ModuleELesson4