Response to Survey on Reporting of Student Progress in Physical Education/Health Education

May 16, 2016

The Manitoba Physical Education Teachers’ Association (MPETA) and the Manitoba Physical Education Supervisors’ Association (MPESA) would like to thank the 363 individuals who recently completed the online survey on Reporting of Student Progress in Physical Education/Health Education.

The initial review of the survey results indicates that while there may be some interest in moving from one method of reporting (I.e. rubric score, percentage, or complete/incomplete) to another within certain grade groupings there is not enough conclusive data at this time to initiate any changes to the current Provincial policy on reporting student progress/achievement via the Provincial Report Card.

The MPESA and MPETA will further analyze and discuss the survey results with Manitoba Education and provide a more in-depth analysis report in an upcoming MPETA Journal.

Again both MPESA and MPETA would like to thank all respondents for their participation.

How to Encourage Healthy Body Image

January 12, 2016

Click the link below to see a document about promoting healthy body image.

Healthy Body Image

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