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Dairy Farmers of Manitoba in partnership with Manitoba Physical Education Teachers’ Association (MPETA) want to encourage students to develop positive attitudes, healthy living practices and community involvement for success later in life.

The new recognition award is to recognize and celebrate students each year in elementary and/or Jr./Sr. high school who demonstrate positive attitudes and contribute to the health and wellness of their school community.


Nomination procedure

Eligibility: The nominator must be a teacher, administrator, staff person or volunteer from a school that has at least one current MPETA member in residence. The nomination must be endorsed by the person in the school that holds the MPETA membership. (Not a member? To purchase a membership contact the MPETA office at

The nominee must be a current student (or a group of students*) attending a Manitoba elementary, middle or high school.

See Criteria for the WOW Student Recognition Award (located on the MPETA website)

 One nominee per school year for elementary and middle school (applies to grade 7 and 8 students not on the semester system)

 One nominee per semester for Jr./Sr. high school

(First semester: Sept-Feb, Second semester: Feb-June)



Nominate a student (or a group of students*) using the on-line nomination form available on the MPETA website 

Nomination check list

School Information

Nominator (teacher, administrator, staff person or volunteer) name and contact info

Nominee name(s) (student/group) and grade

Identify which 3 positive attitudes (in any area: healthy eating, active living, and/or positive social environment) are demonstrated by the nominated student (or group of students*).

Provide a brief description of (50 word or less):

1. how the nominated student (or group of students*) contributes to the health and wellness of the school

2. how the student (or group of students*) demonstrates the positive attitudes identified

3. how much time the student (or group of students*) spends contributing to the health and wellness of the school


Recognition Award:

Successful student nominations will receive:

-the honour of being 1 of only 50 recipients of the 2017 WoW award

-a certificate of recognition to be presented by the school, to the student, in front of the entire student body

-a limited edition WoW award long sleeve T-shirt (*groups of students not eligible)

Maximum of 50 students will be recognized. If more than 50 nominations are received, nominees will be selected for recognition based on the description of how the student/group contributes to health and wellness of the school.



Nominations are accepted from January 4, 2017– April 3, 2017.

Nominations are reviewed and recognition is awarded by the recognition award committee (April 3-28, 2017).

Schools will be notified in May 2017 of successful nomination.

Recognition awards will be sent to the schools of successful nominees at the beginning of June.


Example of a WoW award nomination

Criteria for WoW award

WOW Award Nomination Form


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