MPETA Awards

On October 20th 2016, MPETA presented the following awards to recognize outstanding contributions in physical education for the 2015-2016 school year. Congratulations to all 2016 MPETA Award Winners!


A special thank you goes out to all nominators, presenters, and organizers for making the 2016 MPETA Awards a success!

Outdoor Education Award: Carolyn Lamoureux

This award is presented to a teacher that fosters an exemplary outdoor education program.



Carolyn Lamoureux and JJ Ross


Builder Award: Brian Hatherly

For outstanding dedication and promotion of physical education for the Youth of Manitoba.


Patricia Tomczyk and Brian Hatherly


Innovator Award: Bev Ilchena

Awarded to a physical educator for outstanding innovative and creative programming in the area of physical and health education.


Bev Ilchena and Niki Gagnon



PHE Canada Andy Anderson Young Professional Award: Tim Giannotti

The Dr. Andy Anderson Young Professional Award is presented once a year by Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) to one professional per province that best epitomizes exemplary work on behalf of the physical and health education profession.


Tim Giannotti and Ralph Clark


Regional Recognition Awards  

This award is presented to individuals who provided leadership in their region by hosting workshops or area tournaments, developing outstanding programs, and contributing to the community.

Norman West Regional Recognition Award: Michelle Gamblin


Michelle Gamblin and Brian McMillan


South Central Regional Recognition Award: Dan Rosset


Dan Rosset and Kirk Botterill


Eastman Regional Recognition Award: Bud Penner


Bud Penner and Corinne Thiessen


MPETA Awards This most prestigious award honours physical educators who have shown outstanding leadership and dedication to the promotion of physical education in the province of Manitoba.

MPETA Early Years Award: Sue Zajac


Geoff Brewster and Sue Zajac


MPETA Middle Years Award: Philippe Chabot


Philippe Chabot and Brian Hatherly


Dick LaPage Scholarship Awards:

University of Winnipeg: Samuel Andrade & Janel Hay


Samuel Andrade, Dr. Nathan Hall and Janel Hay


University of Manitoba: Kylee Schettler & Kylie Wiebe-Pantel


Kylee Schettler and Dr. Sarah Teezel



Kylie Wiebe-Pantel and Dr. Sarah Teezel


Brandon University: Caylie Plante & Craig Vandepoele